Travel voucher

We need you to help us save tourism, and your next vacation, that's why we put this bonus at your disposal so that you do not have to cancel your trip and only have to change the date and, if you want, the destination.

The majority of cancellation insurances include a clause whereby they specify that they do not cover cancellations due to epidemic / pandemic situations.

However, if you have suffered an incident covered by the conditions of your contracted insurance such as: hospital admission, death of a family member, etc. We recommend that you contact the insurer directly to present your case. You will find their contact details in the documentation that we send you with the reservation.

The vouchers may be used from May 1, 2020 until December 31, 2021.

  • Access My reservations from the email of your reservation.

  • Enter with the same email with which you made the reservation.

  • In your voucher reservations a link will appear, next to the voucher amount, which will open a file with the voucher information.

  • In the voucher information you will find the voucher code that you will have to use in the following steps.

  • Search and choose the hotel as normal on the website

  • Once you've selected the trip you want to book, log in to your account and you'll find a payment method labelled "Travel voucher" on the payment page.

  • After you enter the travel voucher code, an email will be sent to the voucher holder to verify that its use has been authorised.

  • Once we've verified that the use of the travel voucher is authorised, the system will discount the value of the voucher from the pending amount payable for the booking in progress.


You can use the travel voucher to book any date and type of accommodation you find on our website: beach hotels, urban hotels, apartments, rural hotels, etc.

In this case, your reservation included some non-refundable service such as insurance, visa, etc. You can see this information in the reservation details, which you can access through the reservation list within your profile on our website.

If your reservation included insurance. Unfortunately, the insurances are not refundable since the exact moment in which the reservation is made is when the insurance comes into force.

For any travel date as long as the voucher is used on a reservation made within its effective date.

Yes, you can use the voucher several times in any type of accommodation: beach hotels, urban hotels, rural hotels, apartments, etc., until you have used the full amount.

You can also contract a trip for an amount greater than that reflected in the voucher, paying the price difference through any of the payment methods offered by our website.

No, your voucher has no restrictions on the passengers who make the booked trip, so you can take advantage of it to give a trip to a family member, friend, etc.

Yes, our vouchers have sufficient financial backing to guarantee its execution. We have underwritten the insolvency protection guarantee with reputable insurance companies and if the services were denied due to insolvency, you could contact the insurance company or, where appropriate, the competent authority to recover your money.

The voucher generation process depends on different cases with the different service providers of each reserve. As we are reaching an agreement with the different providers in relation to the affectation of said service for a cause of force majeure derived from the COVID-19, which in most cases is a reprogramming of the trip or a travel voucher. trip for the future, we are generating compensation of the same type to our clients.

Do not worry, we are carrying out these procedures for all the reservations we have affected and we generate the travel voucher automatically once all the procedures for all the affected services included in a reservation have been completed.

If the voucher issued has not been used to book new services, you can request your refund sixty days after your cancellation request and we'll send it to you (minus any fees incurred) within a maximum period of fourteen days.

If we do not want to take advantage of the benefits and discounts of using a travel voucher, we can request a refund by replying to the email received with the travel voucher.

Although the use of a voucher is immediate, to process the refund the process is somewhat slower. Once the amount has been requested, and processed by one of our agents, it may take up to 72 hours to see the amount again in your account, depending on the bank that processes it.

The travel voucher is of voluntary acceptance, and is generated to speed up the process of making a new reservation if desired, and incidentally take advantage of the exclusive discounts provided for the use of it.

A travel voucher can be redeemed immediately, while a refund can take several days, depending on the bank that processes it.