Booking management

The email sent by Roomdi may have gone straight to your junk mail folder.

In any case, if your booking was confirmed on screen and we gave you a reference number, you can view your booking details and the voucher in MY BOOKINGS section.

You can also contact us via the CUSTOMER SERVICE section to confirm the details of your booking.

Since the management of bookings at destination depends on the contracted hotel, and on the agents between the point of sale and the destination, it may take between 2 and 5 days for a booking to be viewed in the hotel.

Does that mean that my booking has not been confirmed?

No. The booking is confirmed but still does not appear in the hotel's search system.

If after a maximum of 5 days there's no proof of your booking in the contracted hotel, please use the contact section of our website to check the status of your booking.

If your booking is less than 5 days away, you can contact us directly.

If we confirm that you do have a booking, we will make the necessary arrangements with the provider to deal with the incident and let you know as soon as possible.

When you made the booking, we sent you a confirmation with details of all the services.

If you paid the booking in full, you will be sent a voucher by email to print out and show when you arrive at the hotel.

There is no need to show receipts or other documents, as all the hotel will need is this voucher, along with the ID cards or passports of all the guests on the booking form.

The Hotel Confirmation Number is a code issued by the property once the booking has been confirmed. It´s the only code that really matters. If you have the HCN, the hotel will always honour the booking.

Without the HCN code, if for some reason the hotel was forced to close on the dates of your booking, you would have to resort to other alternatives to find acceptable properties. However, the HCN confirms that the booking will be honoured and without unexpected surprises.

It may take up to 5 days for the hotel to issue your HCN.

If the HCN has not been issued, we will contact the hotel for them to provide it directly to you. When we have it, we will email it to you