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Frequently asked questions

We need you to help us save tourism, and your next vacation, that's why we put this bonus at your disposal so that you do not have to cancel your trip and only have to change the date and, if you want, the destination.

The majority of cancellation insurances include a clause whereby they specify that they do not cover cancellations due to epidemic / pandemic situations.

However, if you have suffered an incident covered by the conditions of your contracted insurance such as: hospital admission, death of a family member, etc. We recommend that you contact the insurer directly to present your case. You will find their contact details in the documentation that we send you with the reservation.

The vouchers may be used from May 1, 2020 until December 31, 2021.

You can use the travel voucher to book any date and type of accommodation you find on our website: beach hotels, urban hotels, apartments, rural hotels, etc.

In this case, your reservation included some non-refundable service such as insurance, visa, etc. You can see this information in the reservation details, which you can access through the reservation list within your profile on our website.

If your reservation included insurance. Unfortunately, the insurances are not refundable since the exact moment in which the reservation is made is when the insurance comes into force.

For any travel date as long as the voucher is used on a reservation made within its effective date.

Yes, you can use the voucher several times in any type of accommodation: beach hotels, urban hotels, rural hotels, apartments, etc., until you have used the full amount.

You can also contract a trip for an amount greater than that reflected in the voucher, paying the price difference through any of the payment methods offered by our website.

No, your voucher has no restrictions on the passengers who make the booked trip, so you can take advantage of it to give a trip to a family member, friend, etc.

Yes, our vouchers have sufficient financial backing to guarantee its execution. We have underwritten the insolvency protection guarantee with reputable insurance companies and if the services were denied due to insolvency, you could contact the insurance company or, where appropriate, the competent authority to recover your money.

The voucher generation process depends on different cases with the different service providers of each reserve. As we are reaching an agreement with the different providers in relation to the affectation of said service for a cause of force majeure derived from the COVID-19, which in most cases is a reprogramming of the trip or a travel voucher. trip for the future, we are generating compensation of the same type to our clients.

Do not worry, we are carrying out these procedures for all the reservations we have affected and we generate the travel voucher automatically once all the procedures for all the affected services included in a reservation have been completed.

If the voucher issued has not been used to book new services, you can request your refund sixty days after your cancellation request and we'll send it to you (minus any fees incurred) within a maximum period of fourteen days.

If you have not been able to enjoy your trip due to the activation of the Alarm State, you will receive a Travel Voucher for the amount of your reservation that we will send you shortly. The voucher will be valid to use on our website and you can use it several times until your balance has been fully exchanged. Later we will contact you to inform you of the instructions to redeem your voucher.

Due to the notable increase in requests received from our clients with affected contracted trips, it is possible that our response times in all available channels have been affected and have not been as agile as usual.

We ask that you please refrain from calling our call center at this time, since due to the high volume of requests received, it is impossible for us to serve you all correctly.

We greatly appreciate your patience these days.

  • Access your account from My account in the top menu.If you don't have an account on Roomdi, create one using the same email with which you make your booking.

  • Once you've accessed, enter My Bookings

  • Within the summary of each active booking you'll see the option Cancel booking

  • Within the summary of each active booking you'll see the option Cancel booking


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Roomdi is carefully monitoring the situation in order to provide accurate information and assistance to all our customers. Please check the travel advice from your local authorities before planning your trip. We are in constant contact with all our service providers to keep up to date with the policies applicable to the current and future bookings of our customers.

Official links about travel advice

You can check the Spanish government's travel advice on its official website:

And you can find out all the latest developments about the new coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Ministry of Health's website:

The vast majority of hotel chains are applying flexible terms & conditions for modifying and cancelling current bookings in areas affected by COVID-19. We are in constant contact with the hotels to find out the policies applicable to both current and future bookings.

New bookings may be cancelled without additional costs up to thirty days before the check-in date at the properties which state this option during the booking process.

1. Search for hotel and availability: Choose the destination, the dates you want to stay at the hotel, the number of rooms, the number of people in each room including all children, and the ages of every guest. In some cases, the system will only allow you to book up to 3 rooms.

A list will appear with all available hotels for the selected dates with the corresponding rates. You can sort hotels by price, rating, name, services, board basis, etc.

2. Enter your details: Once the hotel has been selected, we will show you a booking summary stating the total cost along with the description and location of the hotel.

3. Confirm your booking: We will show you the booking reference number and you will be sent the booking confirmation by email. If the booking has been paid in full, you will also be sent a voucher for the contracted service, which you must print out and show on arrival at the hotel, along with your ID card or passport. This voucher includes the address and phone number of the hotel.

At the end of the booking process, we will show you the different forms of payment for the booking. You can pay by credit card, debit card, online transfer, bank transfer, PayPal, etc. Sometimes, and depending on how far in advance you make the booking, not all of these options will be available.

Once the booking process has been completed, a reference number will appear on your screen and you will be sent an email with the booking status (confirmed or pending confirmation).

You can also check on the status in the MY BOOKINGS section.

Please check your email 24/48 hours after booking to ensure that you have received the confirmation email along with the voucher you must show at the hotel.

Yes, you must include all passengers. Passenger means any person who will be staying at the reserved hotel, regardless of whether they are a baby, a child or an adult.

The provider or the hotel needs to know the ages of all guests, as there are some room types which cannot accommodate an extra bed or cot.

They must be included as a person on the booking, indicating how old the child/baby will be at the time of check-in.

If the baby is only months old, please state the age as 1 year old (which will refer to all babies between 1 day and 24 months old).

In the case of children, please state the corresponding age.

As a rule of thumb, rooms may be occupied from 2.00 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated before 12.00 noon on the day of departure.

Some hotels will allow early check-in and late check-out, but please remember that this will depend on the policy in force at each hotel.

The hotel terms and conditions will be displayed on our website as soon as you make your booking.

Please read them carefully and accept them to confirm your booking. If you have any doubts, please check with us before you confirm your booking.

If an error message appears at the end of the booking process, please contact us via the CUSTOMER SERVICE section to check the status of the booking.

An error may have occurred in the payment transaction with the bank, and the booking might or might not have been made.

Our agents will try to confirm the status of the booking online; if not, please check with your bank to see if any payments have been taken from your account.

The email sent by Roomdi may have gone straight to your junk mail folder.

In any case, if your booking was confirmed on screen and we gave you a reference number, you can view your booking details and the voucher in MY BOOKINGS section.

You can also contact us via the CUSTOMER SERVICE section to confirm the details of your booking.

Yes, you can. Please note, though, that this may result in a cancellation fee being charged. The cancellation policy will be displayed at the time of booking and is also included in the terms and conditions.

Cancellation fees vary according to the destination, the provider, the reserved rate and the number of days before cancellation.

You may cancel a booking via the MY BOOKINGS section or by calling us on 922936417

The price includes accommodation at the property for all guests and according to the room type and board basis contained in the voucher, as well as VAT in Spain.

In some destinations (Paris, New York, etc.) there are local taxes which are payable directly at the hotel and vary according to the hotel rating and the destination.

Some hotels may also ask for a deposit, which will be returned at the time of check-out.

Please call us on the travel assistance phone number, which is indicated on your voucher, to check the status of your booking.

If we confirm that you do have a booking, we will make the necessary arrangements with the provider to deal with the incident and let you know as soon as possible.

Search by destination, date and number of rooms and people, and all hotels will be displayed on the next page.

To refine the list, you can filter by hotel name, by price, by rating, by board basis, by guest review, by area or neighbourhood, etc.

You must let the hotel know directly (the phone number is on the voucher) about your estimated time of arrival, as otherwise they may allocate your room to other guests.

When you made the booking, we sent you a confirmation with details of all the services.

If you paid the booking in full, you will be sent a voucher by email to print out and show when you arrive at the hotel.

There is no need to show receipts or other documents, as all the hotel will need is this voucher, along with the ID cards or passports of all the guests on the booking form.

Please check before booking if you can take along pets, because generally they are not admitted in hotels.

The photos of the hotel rooms that appear on the website are just to give a general idea. Please bear in mind that the size, style, furnishings and services may vary.

Once you have paid the booking in full, we'll automatically send you a voucher.

This voucher is the document that you will have to show at the hotel reception when you check in.

It will also include the address, phone number and fax number of the hotel.

Privilegios en Compras ( es un club de compras, exclusivo para socios e independiente de roomdi, que se ofrece a sus clientes con condiciones ventajosas gracias a un acuerdo comercial entre Privilegios en Compras y roomdi. Tiene asociados más de 500 eCommerce, en los que sus miembros podrán obtener ventajas en sus compras online. Billetes de avión, hoteles, moda, tecnología, restauración, belleza y mucho más.

Todos los clientes de Privilegios en Compras podrán obtener descuentos, ofertas exclusivas y, como mínimo, el 10% de reembolso de todas las compras que realicen a través del club. Si no quieres perderte ni una sola de las ofertas que ofrece este club de compras exclusivo, puedes acceder al blog de Privilegios en Compras.

Sí. Ser socio de Privilegios en Compras tiene un coste mensual de 15€.Al darte de alta podrás disfrutar de un periodo de prueba de 30 días y después la cuota se comenzará a facturar en la tarjeta que indicaste al darte de alta, en el formulario de registro.

Para suscribirte a Privilegios en Compras a través de roomdi, debes realizar una compra habitual en Al finalizar tu compra llegarás a la página de confirmación de compra de, donde se te mostrará un enlace ofreciéndote la suscripción al servicio. Si pinchas en él serás redirigido al formulario de registro, donde podrás completar tus datos para suscribirte a Privilegios en Compras. Una vez hagas clic en aceptar, se te confirmará el alta en Privilegios en Compras mediante la visualización de la página de confirmación. También recibirás en la bandeja de entrada de tu correo electrónico un email confirmándote la inscripción al programa.

El Vale de Bienvenida es un vale de reembolso. Es un regalo que Privilegios en Compras te hace al darte de alta, que podrás utilizar en tu siguiente compra en Tiene un plazo de validez de 90 días desde la fecha en que te das de alta en el servicio y para poder canjearlo debes seguir los pasos que te indicamos a continuación:

  • Compra en antes de que pasen 90 días desde la fecha de tu alta. Recuerda que ya debes ser miembro de Privilegios en Compras cuando realices esa compra.
  • Envía el email de confirmación de compra a
  • No olvides indicar en el email de solicitud del vale tus datos personales, para que el Servicio de Atención al Cliente de Privilegios en Compras pueda localizarte en su base de datos.
  • En pocas semanas verás reflejado el reembolso en tu cuenta bancaria.

El Vale de Fidelidad un vale de reembolso de 15€ del que podrás beneficiarte cada mes que estés suscrito a Privilegios en Compras. Es decir, cada mes que hagas una compra en, Privilegios en Compras ingresará 15€ en tu cuenta bancaria. Para poder beneficiarte de este vale sigue los pasos que te indicamos a continuación:

  • Realiza una compra en antes de que finalice el mes.
  • Envía el email de confirmación de compra a
  • En unas semanas recibirás en tu cuenta bancaria los 15€ correspondientes al Vale de Fidelidad.

No, ambos vales son de uso exclusivo para aquella tienda a través de la que te suscribiste a Privilegios en Compras. Es decir, únicamente podrás beneficiarte de ellos por tus compras en

Ambos vales pueden utilizarse en el mismo periodo de tiempo, pero deben ser canjeados por dos compras distintas.

Privilegios en Compras tiene un Servicio de Atención al Cliente especializado, ubicado en Suiza, que te resolverá todas las dudas que tengas con respecto al programa, y te ayudará en todo lo que necesites. Puedes ponerte en contacto con ellos por cualquiera de las siguientes vías:

  • Email:
  • Teléfono gratuito: 900 87 87 10. El horario de atención es de 9:00 a 21:00 de lunes a viernes y de 10:00 a 17:00 los sábados (excepto festivos en Suiza).
  • Correo postal: Privilegios en Compras, Apartado de Correos 14596, 28080 Madrid.

En caso de que no quieras continuar suscrito a Privilegios en Compras, puedes darte de baja en cualquier momento, ya que este servicio no tiene compromiso de permanencia. Puedes gestionar la baja de tu suscripción desde tu espacio de cliente: accede a Privilegios en Compras con tu usuario y contraseña, ve al menú “Mi Cuenta” y haz clic en “Perfil”. En el apartado “Gestión de la suscripción” verás la opción para cancelar tu suscripción al programa. La baja del servicio se gestiona de forma inmediata y los todos reembolsos que hayas acumulado hasta el momento serán ingresados en tu cuenta bancaria.

También puedes solicitar tu baja a Privilegios en Compras por cualquiera de las siguientes vías:

  • Email:
  • Teléfono gratuito: 900 87 87 10. El horario de atención es de 9:00 a 21:00 de lunes a viernes y de 10:00 a 17:00 los sábados (excepto festivos en Suiza)
  • Correo postal: Privilegios en Compras, Apartado de Correos 14596, 28080 Madrid

Recuerda al cursar la baja tu suscripción a Privilegios en Compras dejarás de poder beneficiarte de todas las ventajas del servicio:

  • Vales mensuales de 15€ por una compra al mes en
  • 10% mínimo de reembolso en todas las compras que realices en cualquiera de las más de 500 tiendas online asociadas al club.
  • Descuentos exclusivos.