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What is Roomdi?

Who we are and what we do

Roomdi is an online travel agency founded in 2017 drawing on a long history in the tourism industry.We operate in the world's leading destinations and we're in constant expansion.

We provide a fast, straightforward and secure room booking service.

We're always in search of new and efficient ways of securing the best deals on the market by studying our customers' actions.Based on these actions, we can personally offer each user the accommodation that best fits their needs.


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A website tailored to each customer

Our mission is to offer our customers the accommodation that best suits their needs.To provide a unique and customer-specific browsing experience. As specialists in metasearch engines, at Roomdi we store all search-related information in real time (Big Data) and we process it in milliseconds (Machine Learning) to successfully deliver a result that meets the search requirements of each customer.

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